eBay Drums

A great place to find great deals on percussion, drum sets, sticks and accessories is eBay.com the most popular auction website in the world.  eBay provides the drum shopper with the ability to find rare and unique percussion components as well as full drum sets ready to play.  Used items from private sellers as well as new drums from business can be found on tens of thousands of listings daily.

Brief History of eBay

eBay.com was originally founded in 1995 as AuctionWeb in San Jose, California by Pierre Omidyar.  The name came from Omidyar’s joking around the Ebola virus.  This small personal blog quickly grew and began charging for listings without any resistance.

By January 1997 the site had served over 2 million auctions and changed its name to eBay in September of the same year.  Benchmark capital funded the expansion of eBay by providing $6.7 million in venture capital.  A year later in September 1998 eBay went public and became a billion dollar company.

Today eBay is a worldwide brand with hundreds of million registered users and 15,000 employees.  eBay owns other popular entities including PayPal, Half.com, a portion of Skype among other companies.


Popular percussion Instruments for sale on eBay

Drum Machines & Electronic Drums
Drum machines and other electronic percussion devices have seen a rise in popularity in the last 10 years.  Great deals on both new and used drum machines and electronic drums sets such as the Roland V can be found on eBay Drums.


Steel Drums
Steel drums have a rich history dating back to the French Revolution in 1789.  Steel drums offer more tonality then traditional persuasion and have a bright sounds when struck by a mallet.


Conga Drums
The conga which is actually called the tumbadora is a tall narrow style drum that is Cuban although being first derived from African drums made from hallowed logs.  The Conga has become popular in many types of music transcending from Latin, Salsa and Reggae, to American popular music, Rock and even Heavy Metal.  eBay is a great resource to find cheap new and used Congas of all sizes and brands.


Drum Mics and Drumsticks
eBay is also a great place to find cheap drum set accessories including drum mics and drum sticks, among other items.


Top drum sets searched for on eBay

Displayed below are the most popular drum set brands searched for on eBay.


Ludwig Drums

DW Drums

Truth Drums

TAMA Drums

Premier Drums

Gretsch Drums

Rogers Drums

Brady Drums

Sonor Drums

Pearl Drums

Roland Drums

Yamaha Drums