Pearl Target Junior

Pearl Target Series Junior Drum Set Review & Price

Pearl Musical Instrument Company is a Japanese instrument maker that primarily produces drum kits, hardware and percussion devices. The Pearl Target Series is an entry level drum line made only for the European market.

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The Pearl Target Junior is a scaled down version of the regular Target series drum set. This includes a much smaller bass drum with shallower toms and a smaller snare.  To learn more about the full size target set see our Full Review.


Pearl Target Junior Specs


  • 18×14 Bass Drum
  • 10×8 Mounted Tom
  • 12×8 Mounted Tom
  • 14×12 Floor Tom
  • 13×5 Snare Drum
  • S-60 Snare Stand
  • TH-60 2 Tom Holders
  • C-60 Cymbal Stand
  • H-60 Hi-Hat Stand
  • P-60 Drum Pedal


Pearl Target Junior Review & Price

The Pearl Target Junior is a great kit for an intermediate youth drummer such as a teenager ages 12-18 who has been playing for a few years. It is also a possible kit for an adult who has space constraints or wants an extra practice kit. At under $500 USD and £300 pounds the Pearl Target Junior drum set is a cost effective option.

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