Yamaha DTX450K

The Yamaha DTX450K is an electronic drum set made by Yamaha Drums a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation a musical instrument manufacturer and international business conglomerate. For more info on the Yamaha Drum brand visit the Yamaha Drums page.

The 450K features a newly developed Tp70S 3-zone snare pad. This allows for regular head strikes as well as open and closed rimshot voices. Also upgraded with this kit is a real Yamaha bass drum pedal and kick pad. Lastly a solid steel rack provides for a solid mounting base for all of the components.


DTX450K Features & Specs

  • New DTX 400 Drum Module
  • 169 Sounds | 10 Preset Kits
  • 10 Training Functions
  • 10 Play-Along Songs
  • Yamaha Bass Drum Pedal
  • HH65 Hi-Hat Controller
  • TP70S 3-zone Snare Pad
  • 10″ Cymbals, Hi-hat pad
  • 7.5″ Tom Drum Pads
  • USB/MIDI Out
  • AUX In


Yamaha DTX450K Review and Price

The DTX450K is a great starter kit that offers a few advanced features such as a genuine kick pedal and 3-zone snare pad. This will provide for more accurate practice of acoustic drumming techniques. The option to connect to a computer allows for additional sound input, customization and tweaking of an already full-bodied kit. Priced around $700, the DTX450K is a great kit for a drummer that wants to hone in their drumming abilities.

Fore more info and how to buy the Yamaha DTX450K follow the link below…
Yamaha DTX450K Customizable Electronic Drum Set

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