Yamaha DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Set Review & Price

The Yamaha DTXPLORER Series of Electronic Drum Sets are made by Yamaha Drums which is a part of the Yamaha Corporation an international business that operates out of Japan. Yamaha Drums is a top drum brand that makes acoustic, electronic drums and percussion instruments.

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The Yamaha DTX lines of electronic drums features six (6) different series of kits. This includes the 500, 700, 900, DTXPLORER, DTXPRESS, DTXTREME, DTX-MULTI 12, Digital Percussion pads and electronic drum accessories.


DTXPLORER Electronic Drums

The now discontinued DTXPLORER, often shortened to DTXPL, was the most popular model of electronic drum kits that Yamaha produced. The DTXPLORER is a 5pc drum kit with a snare, three tom-tom pads, bass drum pad, hi hat and two cymbal triggers.

Also included is the DTXPLORER trigger module a hi-hat controller, kick pedal and condensed rack system for mounting every part of the kit.


Key Features

  • DTXPL Trigger Module
  • TP65 Drum Pads (x5)
  • PCY65 Cymbal Pads (x2)
  • KP65 Kick Drum Pad
  • FP-6210 Bass Pedal
  • RS40 Rack System
  • 32 Factory Kits | 10 User
  • 214 Percussive Sounds
  • Groove Check
  • Rhythm Gate
  • MIDI Out
  • AUX In


Yamaha DTXPLORER Multi-Zone Upgrade & Accessories

The out-of-the box setup for the DTXPLORER is fairly basic however the DTXPL trigger module supports multi zone inputs. This allows for 3-zone snare pads such as the DTX-PAD, multi-zone hit hats and three zone cymbals to be utilized.  This means more realistic acoustic drums sounds including rim shots, cross sticks as well as cup, bow and edge strikes and cymbal choking.



The DTXPL drum set can be purchased brand new for between $400 and $600 depending on the retailer.  However because of the kit popularity the used for sale market is full of great deals on the DTXPLORER.  A search on eBay will yield many results for used DTXPLs as low as $200 and up to the retail price with add-ons or other accessories.



At a new price of $500 the DTXPL is a high value low cost solution for the casual drummer, beginner or serious musician looking for a silent practice kit. With all of the basics present, the DTXPLORER is an electronic drum kit that can do pretty much everything a practicing drummer needs. The downsides are that the DTXPLORER will probably not cut it for live performance and is pretty limited to expandability. This is due to limitations with the rack system and the trigger module. Regardless, for the price point the Yamaha DTXPLORER is a great electronic drum kit.


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