The Yamaha DTXPRESS is a series of electronic drum sets manufactured by Yamaha Drums, which is a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation an international business conglomerate.  For more info on the Yamaha Drum brand see the Yamaha Drums Review.

The DTXPRESS IV is one of the newer iterations of the DTXP line and features four model variations including the Standard and Special in both V1 and V2.



Common among all four (4) versions of the set is the highly popular DTXPRESS (DTXP4) Trigger Module which includes 427 drum and percussion voices along with 22 keyboard voices.  The DXPIV module comes preset with 50 onboard drum kits but also supports programming 20 custom kits utilizing any of the onboard sounds in any configuration.  Also contained within the DTXPRESS module is an on-board sequencer allowing for real time recording, 44 full length jam songs, 19 pad melodies and 20 custom user songs for loops and patterns.

Similar to other quality Yamaha drum modules, the DXPIV trigger module allows an AUX input to play along with any song.  Along with a programmable click (metronome) track for precision practice, the DTXPRESS module features Yamaha’s popular instructional tools.  This includes the Groove Check, tap and rhythm gate functions and the newly introduced Challenge Mode which auto-adjusts the level setting to improve training.



Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Standard Set: Features & Components

The V1 Standard set is compact utilizing the RS70 rack system to mount a full five-piece set.  Featuring the DTP4KSTD pad set which includes the TP65S (3-Zone Snare) and three TP65 Monaural pads.  The Standard set also contains two (2) PCY130SC 3-zone cymbals, the KP65 kick pad and HH65 Hi-Hat Controller.  The bass drum pedal and throne pictured above are not included.


Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Set: Specifications

The DTXPRESS 4 Special electronic drum kit features the RS85 rack system for mounting the 5 piece set and 3 cymbal pads.  The Special comes with the DTP4KSP pad set which includes the TP100 3 zone snare, three TP65 tom pads as well as the PCY150S and PCY130SC 3-zone cymbal pads and the PCY130 single zone cymbal.  Also included in the set are the KP65 kick pad, RHH130 real hi-hat pad and HS650 stand.  Foot pedal not included.



DTXPRESS IV Standard & Special V2 Differences

The DTXPRESS V2 Standard and Special V2 are similar in most every way to their V1 counterparts except for the cymbal pads included in the kit.  The DTXPRESS V2 kits offer upgraded cymbals including two PCY135 as well as one PCY155 3-zone pads and a true 2-zone RH135 HH hi-hat trigger.


Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Review and Price

DTXPRESS IV electronic drum kits range from $800 to $1,000 depending on standard or special and version.  This is a highly affordable electronic drum setup for virtually everything needed to get up and playing quickly.  The sound quality and diversity output by the DXPIV module allow for a decent amount of variety and options.  All in all, the set is a great value for the price and a popular choice among beginner to intermediate drummers.


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