Yamaha OAK Custom X

The Yamaha Oak Custom X, is a now discontinued acoustic drum kit that was made by Yamaha Drums which is a subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation. Yamaha Drums is a top drum manufacturer that makes acoustic, electronic drums and percussion instruments.

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Drum Shell Construction & History

Yamaha is one of the few if not the only major drum brand to offer oak as a material for their drum shells. Not only do they offer it, but they have a complete drum set made of oak. The OAK Custom was first introduced by Yamaha in 2002 and yes since become standard in the Yamaha lineup. Yamaha, is are able to work with the extremely difficult and hard nature of oak wood by utilizing the patented Air Seal System technology.


OAK X Shell Finishes

  • White Sparkle
  • Deep Black Sparkle

OAK X Components

  • 22×20 Bass Drum
  • 18×16, 14×13 Floor Tom
  • 14×8, 10×6 Tom-Toms
  • 14×7 Snare Drum


Yamaha Oak Custom Features & Specifications

The Oak Custom X featured an extended 22×20 undrilled oak-shell bass drum for deep and powerful kick tone. Also by offering shallow toms and non-uniform floor toms, the idea was to create a sharper attack. The loud series 14×7 snare drum was also standard along with premium grade dark chrome hardware. The shells were contrasted with a 45 degree bearing edge an 8-ply snare, 7-ply bass and 6-ply toms. Like other high quality kits the Yamaha Air Seal System and YESS were standard issue.


Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS)

Having a long history with Yamaha’s high end drum sets such as the Maple Custom, the YESS mounting system is standard on all OAK Custom drum sets. This rod clamp system permits attachment of the drum shell to the tom holder without the need of a hole in the shell for the rod to clear. The YESS clamp is connected to the shell at the nodal point with two bolts which allows the drum to move freely without corrupting the shell’s resonance and tonality.


Yamaha Oak Custom Review & Price

Like the current Oak Custom standard the Oak Custom X is a powerful, loud and deep sounding drum set. The extended undrilled bass makes for an even heavier and low sound. These type of kit would work great for drumming to hard rock, metal or hardcore, however could technically be used for any genre. Oak Custom X drum sets are hard to find online however can be found on eBay or Craigslist if you search long enough.  Look to pay $2,000 and up for these sets even in used condition.

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  1. I have this amazin drum kit, and I have to said that is the best drum that I ever played.
    I love the way that its look and sound. The short toms sound like a normal size, they have a lot of resonance and attack, very easy to transport and fit in anywhere.

    The bass drum is a wild beast, it has a lot of punch and low end sound, is very hard to transport because the size (I normally have smaller kit like Pearl Traveler and Mapex Fastpack). It’s a little hard to find the right way to tune and get the best sound, but when you find that point of tune, you will sound like a thunder!!!

    Am very very happy with this drum, but is very sad that is not anymore in stores because I miss not to have an 8″ tom of this kit.

    This kit have 10×6″, 12×7″, 14×8″ in toms, 14×13″, 16×15″ and 18×16″ floor toms and 22×20″ bass drum, am still looking to find the 14×8″ tom and 18×16″ floor tom to complete mine.

    You can see and hear this beautiful and amazin drum kit in my YouTube channel in http://www.youtube.com/gabrisapiens

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