Yamaha Portable Digital Drums

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Yamaha portable digital drums are designed for compact small acoustic playing situations.  Yamaha features four varying pads in their portable digital percussion product lineup including DD-45, DD-65, DD-55C and YDD-40.


Yamaha Portable Digital Drums Lineup

Yamaha DD-45: The DD45 features four (4) touch sensitive pads and foot pedal input that drive the 99 percussion sounds included in the unit.  In addition an AUX input allows drummers to play along with any recorded song.  With 50 programmed kits, 50 play along songs and a price tag of roughly $80, the DD-45 is a great intro unit for drummers.

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Yamaha DD-65: The DD65 includes eight (8) touch pads and two (2) foot pedals with 254 GM compatible voices.

The 65 also features 50 programmable kits with reverb, master EQ and 32-note polyphony.  A headphone jack and AUX in allows for quiet play along with any song.

Priced at roughly $200 the DD-65 is a value portable digital percussive unit.

Yamaha DD-55C: The DD55C includes seven (7) pads for expressive playing and two (2) assignable foot pedals for kick, hi-hat or other sounds.  The DD-55C features 174 percussion sounds, tempo control tap start and a large 3-Digit LED display.  The inclusion of stereo speakers and a headphone jack allow for options when practicing.

Yamaha YDD-40: Priced at $65 the YDD40 features four (4) drum pads and a foot pedal input for bass drum or hi-hat sounds. The YDD-40 also features the new Magic Mode with allows drummers to perform multi-tom fills on a single pad while the beat continues moving on other pads.

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